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Currency Series 1 - Master Carton (48 Boxes)

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    CURRENCY takes the collector on a journey from the earliest days of civilization where mankind first bought, sold, and bartered for the basic goods they needed to survive, to the present where technology, digital banking and cryptocurrencies power the economic engine of commerce. Our Series 1 trading cards depict influential persons, memes, artifacts, and forms of money that have played an important role in the development of civilization and our modern economy.  

    To bring this unique set to life CARDSMITHS collaborated with some of the top artists in the world of trading cards, comic books, digital illustration, indy art and graphic design. Whether you are a fan of history, finance or just great art pieces, there is something for everyone to treasure with CURRENCY.  

    The fun doesn’t stop there!  Check out our CURRENCY PROMO VIDEO.

    Along with rare foil variants, such as our proprietary Gemstone Refractors™, we have randomly inserted redemption codes into Series 1 packs that award fortunate finders with various amounts of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin. Some of the codes are even redeemable for an entire Bitcoin!  

    Don’t let history pass you by. Start building your CURRENCY Series 1 trading card collection today! 

    Approximate odds of finding per pack: Base Card Parallels: Holofoil 1:1, Crystal Sparkle 1:2, Gemstone Refractor™ 1:10, Cryptocurrency Redemption Code 1:96, Meta-Rare Refractor™ 1:124.  

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