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Neca Portal 2 Aperture Science Handheld Portable Device (ASHPD) Customizable Device Replica Kit

Size Guide

  • The kit includes 4 Aperture Laboratories decals along with 4 plastic stripes with magnetic backing that you can attach or remove from the main body of your device.
  • This ASHPD kit features an additional switch that allows you to cycle between all different LED effects (red, yellow/orange, purple, and blue) and includes the in-game sound effects activated when you pull the trigger.
  • Collector's edition.
  • Requires 3 "C" batteries, not included.
  • Requires 3 C Batteries, not included.
Thanks to NECA and Aperture Laboratories, you can now customize your own personalized version of the brand new ASHPD. The Customizable Device Kit features a blank white device and all the trimmings that enable you to create an Atlas, P-body, or Chell version of the device or use your imagination and create your own.

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