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Super Plumber Warp Pipe Foam Can and Bottle Cooler

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  • ✔️ A GEEKY DRINK COOLER: Mamma Mia! Our warp pipe looks like it was pulled out from Super Plumber!
  • ✔️ STOP YOUR DRINK FROM WARPING INTO A HOT MESS: Our cooler will keep your drink cool for hours!
  • ✔️FUN AND PRACTICAL: Our replica Pipe cooler is made from insulating foam and fits most bottles.
  • ✔️THE PERFECT GIFT FOR Super Plumber FANS: Or anyone who is in dire need of an awesome drink cooler!

Here we go! Say goodbye to boring and generic drink koozies! A creative and fun drink holder has finally arrived!

An insulated drink cooler that keeps cans so cold that even an Ice Koopa won't be able to throw it!

Created from premium green colored foam, our  Super Plumber can cooler is design to look like the classic green pipe that  Super Plumber jumps into to warp! While our pipe may not be able to warp you to an icy underground cave, it will keep your beverage just as cold.

A nerdy design that keeps  Super Plumber  in mind!

Make your drink cool in multiple ways! Created from soft, yet durable, foam, our warp pipe replica is a fun and geeky way to keep your drinks cold. Use it for water bottles, soda cans, adult beverages, and any other drink that needs to stay cold!

Our drink cooler can help! Our cooler is perfect to use while gaming, and will make your drink stay just as cool as it was when you set it down! No more feeling rushed to finish your drink before a boss fight.

Bring it to work or leave it at home, our lightweight can holder can easily be taken anywhere! Our  Super Plumber Drink cooler also makes a geeky and unique gift for all collectors and gamers.

Stay cool, or at least keep your drink cool, during your next adventure with  Super Plumber !

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