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Star Wars Ultimate FX Lightsaber Toy: Darth Vader

Size Guide

  • Power-up and power-down light effects and power-activation humming sound
  • Bright, glowing blade
  • Battle-clash lights and sounds and motion sensor-controlled sound effects
Put yourself in the middle of the Star Wars saga with this amazingly realistic version of the Darth Vader character's Sith weapon! Press the button on your Sith weapon to power up the brightly glowing blade light effects and hear the power-activation humming sound. Swing and slice your Lightsaber toy through the air and you'll hear more motion sensor-controlled sound effects like clashing, battle impact and crackling sounds. When the battle is over and you turn your Lightsaber off, you’ll see the power-down light effects. But be sure to keep your trusty blade by your side - you never know when you'll need it again!

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