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Attack On Titan Blind Bag | Collectible Attack On Titan Figures | 1 Blind Bag

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  • Collect all your favorite characters from the hit anime Attack on Titan!
  • Each blind bag contains one (1) random Attack on Titan character design.
  • Each mini figure includes a hanger so you can take them with you wherever you go!
  • Collect them all!
ATTACK ON TITAN MEETS THE LUCK OF THE DRAW Unless you've been hiding behind 3 layers of walls, you know that blind bags are all the rage right now! The thrill of pulling a new collectible from a bag is exhilarating! The blind bag craze has been taken to a new level. Attack on Titan! That's right, some of your favorite characters from the hit series have been characterized into these stylish backpack hangers and are yours for the taking (should you be lucky enough to draw them, of course.) FIRST THINGS FIRST If you want a shot at grabbing these little figures up, you first need to place an order! After we receive it, we'll select a package at random and send it off to you. That's where the thrill comes in, you never know what you might draw! Don't worry, these packages are blind to us as well, so we won't hold back! Keep collecting them until you've gotten all 10! Possible draws include" Eren, Armin, Annie, Levi, Mikasa, Titan, Military or Legion Legion Tokens, and two surprise figures! Each purchase will bring a new chance for more figures! Blind bags are also a great idea for party favors at birthdays and more! So, what are you waiting for? Hit that add-to-cart button and let the fun begin!

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