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Big Shot Scott Scottish Kilt Costume Adult

Size Guide
  • Shirt
  • Kilt
  • Shoulder scarf
  • 4 loops with 4 shot glasses
  • Cap
What is a Scot for if he can't serve some Scotch? Get into our Men's Plus Size Big Shot Scott Costume to treat your friends to Scotch from within your innovative outfit. This Halloween costume is a traditional Scottish outfit with a difference. It has white puffed shirt, the red Scottish kilt, a sash, a belt, a typical Scottish cap and socks cuffs. What's different here is, it also has a provision within the sash to hold four shot glasses and a bottle holder that can hold a single malt. So whenever you need it, you can just tip a glass and hand it over to your friends or have a glass yourself. Convenient, ain't it? This Halloween costume is suitable for men of up to 300 lbs. The shot glasses are included in the costume. You could accessorize your look with a black amigo moustache and beard to add credibility.

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