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Doctor Who Tardis Mug | Official Ceramic Coffee Mug With Lid | 17 Oz.

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  • Travel through space and time with this Doctor Who molded mug!
  • Sculpted ceramic mug features the Doctor's TARDIS time machine, complete with lid!
  • Holds 17 ounces of your favorite tea or hot beverage.
  • Durable ceramic construction.
  • Sure to make a great gift for any Doctor Who fan. Officially licensed.
ENTER THE TARDIS Are you looking to travel to an entirely different dimension of space and time? Are you a thrill-seeking adventurer who thirsts for ambiguous quests? Are you interested in the workings of unique tools such as a Tardis or a Sonic Screwdriver? If you’ve answered yes to all of these questions, well then it sounds like you belong in the world of Doctor Who! While you devise a scheme of how to get there, we recommend this official Doctor Who Tardis mug to keep you company! It may not take you to new places of time and space, but it’ll keep you hydrated and your tea fresh! OFFICIALLY LICENSED FOR DOCTOR WHO FANS Tired of getting those cheap knockoffs that aren’t even worthy of throwing to the dog? So are we! That’s why we’ve taken measures to ensure that this mug is the real deal! Officially licensed, the Doctor Who ceramic Tardis mug is ready to make your collection of other Doctor Who memorabilia shine! Use it as a drinking companion while you binge watch another season, or simply use it to house your sonic screwdriver collection! This mug will also serve as a wonderful, official, Doctor Who gift for anyone who is obsessed with the space and time travelling Doctor!

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