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Indiana Jones Fertility Idol Statue | Premium Movie Replica | High Quality Prop Perfect for Collectors, Cosplay, Costume

Size Guide

  • ✔️BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED: With a gold-finish and standing at 7" tall, our Fertility Idol Statue will wow anyone who sees it!
  • ✔️PREMIUM QUALITY REPLICA: Made from the finest polyresin, our Golden Idol is both solid and sturdy.
  • ✔️A MUST HAVE FOR COLLECTORS: Perfect for Indy fans and for people who love Pop Culture icons!
  • ✔️A VERSATILE PROP: Put it on display or pair it with Indy’s famous bullwhip for an epic cosplay!
  • ✔️NOT FEELING LIKE GOING ON AN ADVENTURE AFTER PURCHASE? No problem! Return it for a full refund!

Are you on the hunt for rare and precious artifacts? Or maybe you would prefer owning a replica of one of the most iconic archaeological finds in movie history? Here is your chance!

Our Indiana Jones inspired Golden Idol replica is designed to look and feel like the original Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, matching even the smallest details! Even Dr. Henry Walton-Jones Jr. himself would have trouble distinguishing our non-licensed reproduction from the iconic prop used in Raiders of the Lost Ark!

Our Fertility Idol Statue will make you want to go on your own archeological expedition!

And continue the search for other rare discoveries and riches! While our Golden Idol is not made from real gold, you will definitely feel rich holding this high-quality replica! Made from solid resin with a shiny golden finish, our 7-inch Fertility Idol Statue will make a beautiful addition in your home.

The ULTIMATE gift for any Indiana Jones fan or pop culture memorabilia collector!

Share your love of Indiana Jones with friends and family! Our Golden Idol is a collectible worth collecting and a MUST HAVE for any Indy lover! It can also be used as a realistic accessory for your next Indiana Jones costume. But be warned - bringing our Idol to a costume party may result in partygoers confusing you with Dr. Jones!

Adventure or a degree in archeology is NOT required to get your hands on this Fertility Idol Statue!

So don't worry, you won't need to explore abandoned booby trap-filled temples or run from boulders! Our Fertility Idol will be delivered right to your doorstep!

An icon from one of the biggest pop culture hits of the 1980s!

The Indiana Jones franchise consist of timeless classics, and some of the most epic movie adventures that are unmatched to this day! Here is your chance to own one of the most legendary items in movie history!

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