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Marvel Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto 1:1 Scale Licensed Prop Replica Necklace

Size Guide
  • ✔️ OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Limited edition detailed reproduction of the original Eye of Agamotto.
  • ✔️ PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from the finest materials, our Eye of Agamotto is guaranteed to wow you!
  • ✔️ THE PERFECT SIZE: 1:1 Scale prop size is based off the necklace found in the Marvel film!
  • ✔️ A MUST-HAVE FOR COLLECTORS: Put it on display or pair it with your Doctor Strange cosplays.
  • ✔️ NOT FEELING LIKE A MARVEL SUPER HERO AFTER PURCHASE? No problem! Return it for a full refund

A stunning recreation of Doctor Strange’s iconic powerful necklace. Made from high-quality materials, our Eye of Agamotto replica necklace will have you fooled - you will believe you are holding the original one! The gorgeous glossy green eye is made from the finest green translucent resin while the amulet is made from sturdy and durable metal. Necklace cord is made from faux red and black leather straps measures 32" in length (not including pendant). Necklace amulet measures 4" wide x 3" high x 1" deep. Perfect for serious Marvel merchandise and memorabilia collectors! Premium Quality limited edition collectible! Our officially licensed Eye of Agamotto necklace also includes a certificate of authenticity. This is one of the best Eye of Agamotto Replicas available! Necklace is packaged in a beautifully designed Marvel collector's box stamped with "Marvel Doctor Strange" and the Eye of Agamotto logo in gold foil. Have the ultimate cosplay! Or costume! Our Eye of Agamotto necklace will complete your realistic Doctor Strange costume and is guaranteed to make other cosplayers both impressed and envious! The weapon of wisdom - a Doctor Strange gift! While our Officially Licensed Eye of Agamotto Replica Necklace may not be able to open portals or fully read minds, it is a wise gift to give to a Doctor Strange fan or comic book enthusiast in your life! Make a loved one's birthday or graduation extremely "super"! They are guaranteed to love our necklace! See - our Doctor Strange Eye of Agamotto can ALMOST help you read minds! It's time to grab your Eye of Agamotto necklace and go on an adventure with Doctor Strange! I heard the rest of The Avengers could use your help too!

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