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Star Wars Yoda Fx Lightsaber by Master Replicas

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    Since Master Replicas released the very first Force FX Lightsaber in 2002 fans have been clamoring for a Yoda Force FX. Unfortunately due to the small size of Yodas hilt Master Replicas team of product designers and engineers have been unable to fit all of the necessary light and sound technology in place to create a realistic Yoda FX that would live up to the standards of its predecessors that is until now! An enhanced glowing green blade with realistic power-up and power-down light effects. The power-up and power-down light effects are produced by a string of 73 super-bright LEDs that ignite sequentially inside the blade. Five motion sensor controlled sound effects digitally recorded from the movie: power-up idle hum swing clash and power-down.Bbuilt-in motion sensors for super sensitivity: 2 for detecting movement and 1 for detecting the impact of the blade. Takes 3 AAA batteries. 34 inches long.

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