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Munchkin Adventure Time Board Game

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  • This item can only be shipped to North America - No exceptions! Play Munchkin Adventure Time on its own or jam-mash it with other Munchkin games to add to the role-playing, monster slaying, treasure-grabbing action
  • *Featuring a player friendly card design, Munchkin Adventure Time is perfect for introducing fans of the Cartoon Network show to the Munchkin franchise
  • *Ages 10 and up
  • *Playable in 1 to 2 hours
  • *Brand new
Help Finn, Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, and friends navigate the perils - and rewards! - of the Land of Ooo as they battle monsters, grab treasure, and run very fast in Munchkin Adventure Time! This fast-paced, silly, and whimsical card game will satisfy Munchkin and Adventure Time fans looking to knock down doors, collect epic loot, and have a good time! Will "Oh my glob - look out!" be the last thing Adventure Time fans hear from Princess Bubblegum? Or will Finn and Jake save the day with a sturdy sword and a hearty "Slamacow!"?

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