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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Jun Kazama Bishoujo Statue

Size Guide

  • Includes 1x Jun Kazama statue
  • Stands approximately 10" tall
  • Styled in her high heeled boots, stockings and white bodysuit!
  • Officially licensed
  • Brand new
From Kotobukiya! The hit new line of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Bishoujo Statues continues! First appearing in Tekken 2, Jun is presented in this magnificent Bishoujo Statue based on a new illustration by master Japanese illustrator Shunya Yamashita. Unlike some of the other more action-oriented Tekken Bishoujo beauties, Jun Kazama strides forth confident and relaxed, yet ready for a fight. The fierce competitor is captured in a very subtle walking pose that looks fantastic, showing off her grace with her head held high and looking at you over her shoulder. Jun wears an interesting outfit consisting of black high-heeled boots, one thigh length stocking, a dynamic white bodysuit and a short scarf. She accents that ensemble with a thin belt, bracelets and a hairband and the intricate bird print on her suit matches that on her stocking. Jun's beauty cannot be contained, from her lithe body to her entrancing Bishoujo inspired face!

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