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Thank You for Being a Friend Foam Toy | Cheesecake design | Squishy Scented

Size Guide
  • It's now okay to play with your food!
  • This fun foam squishy toy resembles a delicious slice of cheesecake!
  • Sweet scented foam toy!
  • Features a slow-rising squishy action.
  • Smell, squish and collect them all!
Do you like food and love playing with it? We have just the thing for you. Introducing the squishy cheesecake foam toy. The stress relieving toy is a great gift for people who love food. This squishy foam toy resembles a slice of cheesecake and looks exactly like a Christmas cheesecake because of the original colors; yellow and brown. The Japanese cheesecake offers a slow rising squishy action and is very fun to play with. The licensed squishy cheesecake is also made with a sweet scent. The bloom squishy and scented cheesecake makes it easy to now play with your food.

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