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Tiger Woods 7" Action Figure 1997 Masters

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  • 1997 Masters figure only
  • Alternate collector variant edition in Tiger's mid-tournament attire
  • Comes in clam shell packaging =The above information is subject to change upon final release.=
Based on facial scans of Tiger Woods and sculpted by industry leader Gentle Giant Studios ProShots provide the high level of detail that today's figure collector has come to expect in the hobby while delivering the athletes that have previously been unavailable to collectors at the popular 7" figure scale. Pro Shots Tiger Woods Series 1 presents two of the most thrilling images from Tiger's spectacular career: the momentus fist pump following his 1997 Masters victory and his famous point at the cup en route to winning the playoff of the 2000 PGA Championship. ProShots Series 1 figures are sure to be the hottest figures of 2008.

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