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World of Nintendo 2.5" Mini Figures Wave 5 Set of 8

Size Guide

  • *1x 8-Bit Link Mini Figure, 1x 8-Bit Mario Mini Figure
  • *1x 8-Bit Luigi Mini Figure, 1x 8-Bit Donkey Kong Mini Figure
  • *1x Dixie Kong Mini Figure, 1x Skull Kid Mini Figure
  • *1x Shy Guy Mini Figure, 1x Yellow Pikmin Mini Figure
  • *Each semi-articulated mini figure measures approximately 2.5 inches tall.
Nintendo figures are here! "World of Nintendo" brings many of it classic characters to the 2.5" mini figure format, while adding in some that have yet to be seen. Unlike previous mini PVC figures, these figures are semi-articulated! Set of eight (8) 2.5" mini figures includes: 8-Bit Link, 8-Bit Mario, 8-Bit Luigi and 8-Bit Donkey Kong, along with Mini Figures of Dixie Kong, Skull Kid, Shy Guy and a Yellow Pikmin.

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